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Driving Progress with Tailored Solutions from Attendo

Attendo offers customized solutions for the industry, empowering businesses to drive progress and stay ahead of the competition. With our platform, you can streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and gain real-time insights. Attendo helps you achieve operational excellence, improve productivity, and unlock new opportunities for growth.


SLA Contracts

QR and Web Forms

Dynamic FAQs


Asset and Maintenance Plans

Asset and Maintenance Plans


Advanced Tasks

Advanced Permissions

Advanced Email


Web ChatBot


Supplier Intranet


PowerBI Integration



Internal Chat

Human Resources

Hours Bank


Flow Builder

Customer Intranet (Customer Portal) + Ticket API

Commercial CRM

AI Bots

Advanced Projects

Advanced Document Generator

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any permanence?

No, Attendo is a SaaS software in which you can hire or cancel the modules and users you need. You do not have to be tied to what was contracted in the first moment.

Is there a minimum number of users or agents?

There is no minimum number of agents or technicians, but Attendo is designed for companies that have at least 5 users or more.

How can Attendo our company help us?

With Attendo you will be able to improve customer service, improve the productivity of agents and work groups, as well as improve supervision, both of contracts and control of times or deviations in projects.

What kind of reports does Attendo have?

Attendo has some predefined reports to know the profitability of a client, even a contract of agents. As well as the efficiency of the agents or technicians and the satisfaction of the final client against our company.

Is Attendo an ERP?

No, Attendo is not an ERP, but it can be connected to your ERP. Consult our advisers on this matter.

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