Workflow and Process Management

Smart Tags and Data Links Release 7

Smart tags and related data

SLA time control Release 7

SLA compliance control

Schedules and workers Release 8

Management of schedules and workers

RFID Assets & resources scan Release 9

Identification of assets and resources through RFID’s

QR code Release 7

QR code generator

Mobility access platform Release 7

Mobile access to the platform

Kanban board Release 8

Kanban board

IoT integration (API) Release 7

Integration of IoT devices and platforms

Gantt chart Release 7

Gantt chart

Flow builder Release 8

Management of flows, processes, communications, conditionals, triggers, and hierarchies

Events, triggers, and actions Release 8

Events, triggers, and actions

Checklist, documents, and forms Release 7

Forms, checklists, and document generator

Business rules Release 8

Business rules, validations, operations, and strategies

Agent and group hierarchy Release 7

Hierarchy of agents and groups

Document Management

Programmable data import and export Release 7

Programmable entity import and export

Prepaid bundles management Release 7

Management of hour banks

Multi-address and bidirectional email Release 7

Efficient communication with multiple recipients while maintaining a seamless conversation flow

ERP document generator Release 7

Document generator in ERP

Document Management System (DMS) Release 7

Permission management, access and visibility by roles

Customer web-portal Release 7

Customized web forms

Clients, contacts, and contracts Release 7

Management of clients, contacts, and contracts

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Third-party companies web-portal Release 8

Web portal for subcontracted companies and external workers (intranet)

Third-party companies and workers Release 8

Management of subcontracted companies and external workers

Suppliers, contacts, and contracts Release 8

Management of suppliers, contacts, and contracts

Services CRM Release 8

CRM for service management

Sales CRM Release 8

CRM for sales management

Customer web-portal Release 7

Customized web forms

Customer service surveys (KPI’s) Release 7

Satisfaction surveys (KPI’s)

Clients, contacts, and contracts Release 7

Management of clients, contacts, and contracts

Maintenance Management

Service-request GPS geolocator Release 7

GPS locator for service requests

On-demand call recording and transcription Release 7

On-demand call recording and transcription

Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP) Release 9

AI and machine learning-based maintenance management platform

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS & GMAO) Release 8

Asset management, maintenance planning and management

Communication and Collaboration

Unified Collaboration and Communications (UCC) Release 7

Multi-channel, bidirectional and unified messaging platform (telephone, email, WhatsApp, Teams, etc.)

SMS alerts and notifications Release 8

SMS alerts and notifications

Multi-site centralized management Release 8

Centralized multi-site management (different databases)

Multi-language (interface and stored data) and XLIFF translation files Release 7

Multi-language support in interface and stored data. Management of xliff translation files

Instant and bi-directional translation AI tool Release 9

Bidirectional AI translation tool

Customizable UCC messaging templates Release 7

Customizable templates for UCC

Customer self-registration Release 8

Self-registration of customers in the Customer Web Portal (intranet)

Collaboration community tools Release 10

Community collaboration tools

Attended and unattended communications Release 7

Attended and unattended communications (by client, contract, schedule, etc.)

Alerts and notifications Release 7

Alerts and notifications

Security and Access Control

Security management Release 7

Secure access and storage with audit logging

Secure access control (MFA and SSO) Release 7

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO)

Roles, permissions, and security Release 7

Role, permission, and security management

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and BI Release 7

Reports, statistics, and analytics

PowerBI Integration Release 8

PowerBI integration (API)

Full data tracking Release 7

Complete tracking of actions, documents, events, and messages by tag

AI sentiment analysis Release 9

AI-based customer sentiment analysis

Human Resource Management

Schedules and workers Release 8

Management of schedules and workers

HR management Release 8

Human resources (HR) management: timekeeping, schedules, absences, etc.

Project Management

Workload balancing Release 8

Workload balancing

Smart attachment tool Release 8

Intelligent insertion tool for external emails and files

Project Management System (PMS) Release 7

Advanced project management

New full user interface UI/UX Release 9

New complete user experience interface based on UI/UX

Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) integration Release 9

Integration with auto-regressive learning models (ChatGPT)

Fully customizable platform (Ad-hoc) Release 7

Completely customizable platform to the customer’s needs (ad-hoc)

Full API and Webhook’s integration Release 7

Complete API & webhook integration

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Release 7

Internal management of services, activities, policies, and business processes

Artificial vision technology Release 9

Artificial vision, comprehension, and vectorization technology for images

Agent GPS geolocator Release 7

GPS locator for agents

Industry 5.0

Web3 for Enterprise Release 10

Implementation of Web3 + Blockchain technology

Metaverse & VR Release 10

Business processes and collaboration based on virtual reality (VR)

Blockchain Release 10

Decentralization and data security through Blockchain technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have Attendo on my own server?

Attendo is designed to be completely in the cloud, but there are certain clients that need to have it on their own server. Consult with our advisors to review the feasibility of on-premise installation.

Can I have control by bag of hours?

Yes, we have the hour pool module available, to manage all those clients who do not have fixed contracts and work by contracting time periods or hour pool.

Is Attendo an ERP?

No, Attendo is not an ERP, but it can be connected to your ERP. Consult our advisers on this matter.

What kind of reports does Attendo have?

Attendo has some predefined reports to know the profitability of a client, even a contract of agents. As well as the efficiency of the agents or technicians and the satisfaction of the final client against our company.

How can I access Attendo?

Attendo is a 100% cloud platform, it is web, so I can access it from any browser anywhere in the world.

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