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Some service companies directly generate delivery notes for services, once a ticket is finished. Others have to discount the time spent on one or more hourly packs hired by the customer.



Sales delivery notes, sales of hour pack and control of available hours



Attendo allows you to create different hour packs. These packs must be created using the existing item codes in the ERP for those packs.

The hour packs have the following conceptual information:


–    Total pack hours

–    Dates of sale and expiration of the pack

–    Contracts covered by pack

–    Agent groups that can use the pack


A customer can contract several packs (for different services and usable by different groups of agents).

Each individual pack will have an exclusive maintenance in which it will be indicated:

    • Passed ticket
    • Hours discounted from the total pack
    • Agent that has passed on the ticket



Once different hour pack types have been created, Attendo manages the sending of these packs depending on each customer needs.

The process to contract an hour time is:

    1. The agent requests the hiring of a new pack of hours of a specific type and a certain duration
    2. Attendo sends an e-mail indicating the characteristics and contracting conditions of the new hour pack
    3. The customer accepts the quote by clicking on the link in the e-mail
    4. Attendo generated a delivery note with the item (existing on the ERP) and the number of packs contracted, as well as the price indicated in the e-mail
    5. The hour pack is now available for use



At the end of a ticket, the agent is asked if the ticket is billable.

If so, Attendo veriies if the customer has valid hour packs for the related contract.

If that be the case, the agent must decide whether the ticket will discount the hours of the previous pack or will generate a new sales document (see 04).

In case of discounting the hours of a pack, the specific pack will be indicated and the hours will be discounted in fractions of 15 minutes.

Attendo will have a report on the use of the hour packs, a document that will be used to justify the consumption of the hours of the contracted pack.



When a ticket is finished, the agent must say if the ticket is billable or not.

If so, Attendo verifies if the customer has hour packs. In case of not having free hours, it does not propose the option of allocating the hours to a pack of hours.

Attendo generated a new sales note type document with the concept of time (existing in the ERP) at the price/hour according to Attendo’s configuration and the number of configuration and the number of hours to be invoiced. The ticket number and the date and time of the ticket closing will appear in the description.

Attendo has a list of billable tickets that have generated sales documents, in order to verify that the documents have been created in the ERP. This list shows the type of hours, the number of hours per ticket.

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