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It is a lot of data recorded in Attendo. The automation in these processes affords customizable actions. This is basic to guarantee our commitments compliance.




When a customer registers a new ticket, a confirmation e-mail is sent with a track number ID.
  • The customer can create tickets in multiple ways and by different channels

  • Validation rules are executed before the ticket creation

  • The Customer receives a confirmation e-mail with a Ticket ID, subject and date/time when is registered

  • Verification, categorization and allocation of the ticket

    (User/Group, Type of ticket and Contract)

  • Automatic linking of received e-mails (IA)



Automatically add time spent on tickets, both online and on the go.
  • Real time per ticket

  • Registration of events and actions

  • Registration of multiple employees

  • Record times on the web and mobility

  • Desktop Inactivity Alert



Set the intervention and resolution times and Attendo will automatically notify you when a ticket is late.
  • Automatic status and color change

  • Automatic reordering of overdue tickets

  • Ticket Dashboard State

  • Overdue status

    By intervention tume and/or resolution



Having agile tools is essential to manage a large volume of tickets.
  • Sending advanced e-mails with content

    Add screenshots, attachments and rich text

  • Sending e-mails to customers, agents and external companies

    One or more destination e-mails

  • Advanced categorization of tickets

    Ticket type, priority, origin, customer assigned and to which contract is passed

  • Assignment and reassignment between users

    Agents, agent groups, team leaders and supervisors

  • Keywords in tickets (tags)

    Tags to reuse similar tickets and organize solutions

  • Integrated advanced call manager

    1)Automatic customer call; 2) Reading welcome message; 3) Call the Agent’s extension; 4) Customer’s ongoing call union with the Agent

  • Control and recording of the call result

    Record the time and the call time; requirement for annotation of its content. Automatic registration of unanswered calls

  • Create internal notes

    Annotation of comments not visible in the summary sheets or in the Customer panel

  • Notifications of the profitability of the contract

    Notification of the resting times/exceeded by Customer contracts

  • Billable ticket selector (Y/N)

    Out of contract ticket, attributable against delivery note (ERP) or against hourly bag

  • Combining tickets

    Join current tickets to other ticket (open or closed)

  • Data and customer contact access

  • Integrated attachment reading

  • Copy-paste method integrated in text and images

  • Agent inactivity alert

    When a ticket is 5 minutes in standby, the system generates alerts

  • Record of actions performed by Agent and events



The ticket closing process triggers a series of processes that seek to improve the Customer experience.
  • Customer closing confirmation email

  • Billable ticket confirmation (Y/N)

    If it is billable, you can generate a delivery note in the ERP or deduct the time from the hour bag

  • Confirmation of the type of the ticket and sending the report to the customer

    The ticket type allows to obtain statistics and in case of sending the report to the client, the internal notes are not added

  • Customer evaluation

    Configurable evaluation points used in statistics

  • Possibility of non-conformity with the closing of the ticket

    In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the closing of the ticket, an automatic reopening is carried out



When a customer answers an email from a closed ticket, it is reopened and the cause of the reopening is requested.
  • Reopening by the customer

    Responding to a closed ticket causes automatic reopening

  • Linking reopened tickets with their originals

  • Request to the customer for the reason for reopening

    Reason request for statistics (configurable reasons)

  • Customer request for comments

  • New ticket status as “reopened"

    Visual alert in the ticket queue with an indicative flag

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