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With its reporting and analytics capabilities, Attendo can help organizations to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and to make data-driven decisions to optimize their processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect to a BI?

Yes, with our APIs you can connect it with an external Business Intelligence.

What kind of reports does Attendo have?

Attendo has some predefined reports to know the profitability of a client, even a contract of agents. As well as the efficiency of the agents or technicians and the satisfaction of the final client against our company.

Can I connect Attendo against my ERP?

Yes, you can connect against an ERP through our API or by exchanging files automatically.

Can I have Attendo on my own server?

Attendo is designed to be completely in the cloud, but there are certain clients that need to have it on their own server. Consult with our advisors to review the feasibility of on-premise installation.

Is there any permanence?

No, Attendo is a SaaS software in which you can hire or cancel the modules and users you need. You do not have to be tied to what was contracted in the first moment.

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