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What is Attendo?

Attendo is a new set of tools for the integral management of processes, services, documents, assets and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have control by bag of hours?

Yes, we have the hour pool module available, to manage all those clients who do not have fixed contracts and work by contracting time periods or hour pool.

Can I connect Attendo against my ERP?

Yes, you can connect against an ERP through our API or by exchanging files automatically.

What sectors is Attendo focused on?

Attendo, through its modules, can reach a large number of types of companies, you can check the list here.

What is Attendo?

It is a ticketing, helpdesk and service management software that has more than 30 modules available.

Can I have Attendo on my own server?

Attendo is designed to be completely in the cloud, but there are certain clients that need to have it on their own server. Consult with our advisors to review the feasibility of on-premise installation.

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