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What is Attendo?

Attendo is a new set of tools for the integral management of processes, services, documents, assets and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Attendo?

Attendo is a 100% cloud platform, it is web, so I can access it from any browser anywhere in the world.

Can I connect Attendo against my ERP?

Yes, you can connect against an ERP through our API or by exchanging files automatically.

What kind of reports does Attendo have?

Attendo has some predefined reports to know the profitability of a client, even a contract of agents. As well as the efficiency of the agents or technicians and the satisfaction of the final client against our company.

Is there a minimum number of users or agents?

There is no minimum number of agents or technicians, but Attendo is designed for companies that have at least 5 users or more.

What makes Attendo unique?

The omnichannel communication with our clients. This can be given by phone, mail, WhatsApp, customer portal, QR codes, even conversations on social networks.

The flexibility of the work based on the contracted modules.

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